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Area Action Group meeting

Mon 19 March 2018

starts 7.45pm

This is our opportunity to tell our ward councillors what we want done in our ward. This is our opportunity to tell our ward councillors what we want done in our ward. If there's anything you think should be brought up and be on the agenda, you should email Julian Fulbrook and ask:

The aim of the Area Action Group is to bring the Town Hall to the local area, and to raise matters of concern. The agenda is determined by constituents.

Curently, the main item on the agenda is the renovation plan for our Library in Theobald’s Road, followed by another important item - 24hr parking control for resident bays.

Here’s what Cllr Fulbrook has to say on that issue:
An item that we have often discussed is the lack of control on residents’ parking bays in the ward. Following 24 hour control measures in neighbouring Islington there is now a consultation in Camden to split CAD parking zone into the two ward boundary areas, which we think will be very beneficial in stopping ‘internal commuting’, and to increase controls in Holborn in the evenings and at weekends. Currently we only have serious enforcement controls in the Covent Garden end of our ward. You will all be aware of the appalling levels of environmental pollution in our neighbourhood, predominantly caused by an overwhelming number of vehicle commuters each day who think they somehow have the right to park even in residents’ bays! I would urge everyone - drivers and non-drivers - to fill out this short consultation which is online at: